Need Host Families!!
In every country they go, the Young Americans stays with the families of the participants.

When YAs go on tour, they are apart from their own families, so they get homesick and want to have "family" time.

"It's not about the size of the house or foods. They feel like they are with their family. Those feelings are what's important," says Robyn Brawley, the choreographer of the Young Americans.

Small houses? It doesn't matter.
The most important thing is to provide a place where YA can rest, refresh and relax.
However...This might be a new experience for you and your family.
It might turn out to be "super busy" days for your family.
Many families have done host families for YAs and many of them said that they had a great time and made good memories.

We need your help. YAs need your help.
Please support them as a host family!
What is Outreach Host Family?
*This is to support their daily life voluntarily. Please provide them a place to sleep and take care of their meals. Also, please take them to the theater and pick them up as well.

*You will meet the cast who are staying at your house on March 19th. And the cast stays at your house until the morning of March 22nd.
We need about 30 families.

1. Concerning YA's burden, we are looking for families which takes less than an hour from the house to the theater.
2. We give priority over the family that can accept 2 people with no gender preference. Basically, it is on a first-come-first-served basis.
How to Apply?
Apply from HERE!!!

Log-in with your ID and password and click "Apply for host family."

You will enter your name, how much time it takes from your house to the theater, your family member, if you have any pets, smoking or non-smoking...etc.

We will close the registration soon after we get enough host families.
We will contact you at least 2-3 weeks before the outreach workshop starts.

*We are sorry but we cannot let you know which YA is going to come to your house beforehand since YAs' company manager decides where to stay due to their health condition each time.
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