The Young Americans are:
50 years ago, a non-profit organization called "The Young Americans" was founded to reflect a positive and honest image of the young people through music and dance. Cast range in ages from 18 to 25 and they tour the world to promote mutual understanding through educational initiatives and theatrical performances. This summer, we welcome casts who were selected out of about 300 Young Americans.
The Purpose of Music Outreach:
The International Music Outreach was created by the Young Americans to bring the joy of music to youth around the world and opening doors to discover the musical talents of young people. In this "INTERNATIONAL over 18 Workshop", 200 young adults over18 years old will learn together all through the universal language of music and dance.
Time Schedule:
This is an example of how we spend 2 days in the workshop. You will be able to check the details on the material that will be sent to you after your registration.
meet & greet
practice the opening number
sing together
more dancing!!
more singing!
warm up
3 classes:
sing, dance, improvisation
hand out Tshirts
dress rehearsal
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